Spring Wellness Visits

If you have not already done so, now is a great time to schedule your horse’s Spring wellness visit. Call, text, or email us anytime!

What does my horse need this Spring?

Springtime is a good opportunity for the veterinarian to see your horse before the warm riding weather begins. Seeing your horse multiple times per year gives the veterinarian knowledge of your horse’s body condition and overall health.

AAEP recommends that horses in our area receive two vaccines in the Spring. They are EWT + West Nile Virus (annual) and Influenza + Rhinopneumonitis (bi-annual).

This is also a good time to check your horse’s teeth. Most horses, 80%, need their teeth floated once per year, but some need a more frequent schedule. Checking for effective function of the teeth every six months will ensure your horse’s mouth is healthy.

Research shows that parasites are becoming resistant to our deworming agents, but many horses in Colorado, have a good immune system, thus only need to be dewormed two times per year. This Spring, we are recommending a fenbendazole medication that helps treat strongyles, pinworms and ascarids. A common product is Panacur.

Are you travelling with your horse this summer? If so, you may want a coggins test. A coggins tests for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and is required by most horse shows and to travel out of the state.

Convenient ways to save money

We understand that planning and paying for Spring, Fall, and Winter visits can seem overwhelming. Here’s a few ideas to help:

We have designed two Wellness Programs to help alleviate the worry of planning your horse’s preventative work, and to help save you money! The Optimum & Geriatric Wellness Programs provide all of the recommended Spring, Fall, and Winter preventative services for horses on the Colorado Front Range. We also have the Equine Performance Advancement Program which provides the same peace-of-mind, but targets your horse’s musculoskeletal system, helping improve soundness.

If you have friends at your stable that also need their horses seen, ask us about planning a vaccine clinic. For our routine, preventative services like vaccines, we are happy to work with you and two other horse-owners to plan a day at your stable with a 50% discounted travel fee.

Consider attending our Drive-Up Vaccine Clinic, scheduled on Saturday, April 22. Anytime between 9am and 1pm, bring your horse(s) to CEC for a 10% discount on certain preventative services. No appointment required, and the office fee is waived. Look for an upcoming email with more details.

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