Lameness conditions are the most common problem in the horse, according to the American Horse Council. For this reason, Colorado Equine Clinic has devoted many years to the study of podiatry, lameness, and chiropractic. Dr Page’s more than 30 years of experience in diagnosing lameness is enhanced by her certification in the fields of farriery and chiropractic.

To enhance lameness evaluation, Dr. Barbara Page designed a custom lameness evaluationa pad. The Optima Lameness Pad is a flat, concrete surface area designed to optimize lameness evaluation. The hard surface enhances and helps characterize the lameness while the formation of the pad allows for a hoof-level view as the horse moves. With this optimal tool, we strongly recommend doing lameness work at our facility.

The foot is Dr. Page’s passion. Because of this passion and her certification with two farrier organizations, podiatry is a big emphasis at Colorado Equine Clinic.

Radiographs of the foot using radio-opaque markers are assessed with a software that measures angles and lengths on the radiograph which are accurate to the foot and pastern. Using this information, the farrier, CEC veterinarians, and the owner meet. They use their combined knowledge to trim the foot per the radiographic guidelines, then decide to shoe or not shoe, and most importantly, observe improvement in movement. This method ensures that we have improved the horse’s way of going.

This system for the foot, where there are more nerves than any other location of the horse’s body, has changed the pathology from being treated or held at bay, to the opportunity for the foot to truly heal. Such diseases as navicular disease, laminitis, hoof cracks, white line, and caudal heel pain have healed using this system and given the proper amount of time for many horses.

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