Equine Advancement Plan $510

This program is designed to promote the health of the most important system in the horse: the musculoskeletal system. It is the ability of the equine species to flee that has allowed our cherished horses to evolve and thus remain with us for over 35 million years. The musculoskeletal system of joints, tendons, hooves, and muscles allows the horse to survive, yet we are often amiss in regular evaluation of the musculoskeletal system.

In human medicine, a blood pressure test is routinely performed because the cardiovascular system is most at risk in the human. Comparatively, lameness is the most common loss of use in horses, thus performing routine exams to keep our horses healthy and around for years to come will aid in their performance. The adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is as true here as it is for our Wellness Programs!

Program Details

  • The Equine Performance Advancement Program is an ideal complement to our Wellness Programs
  • All services in the programs are discounted 15%, an additional cost savings
  • Travel fee is included for both visits
  • Patients receive 5% off all veterinary services while enrolled (not including goods)

Discounted Program Cost: $510.00

Monthly Payment Option: $42.50 + $2.95 processing fee

The Program Includes: (Twice Yearly)

  • Detailed history review with trainer
  • Hoof evaluation including hoof testers
  • Chiropractic exam
  • Appendicular skeleton exam
  • Conformation and attitude evaluation
  • Flexion tests
  • Observation of movement, 3 gaits
  • Written report of assessment
  • Multi-view radiographs of front feet (Fall only)

How it Works

In Spring and Fall, our veterinarian will get a history from you and your trainer about your horse’s attitude and way of going. We will examine all four feet and movement of all three gaits on a lunge on hard and soft surfaces, both directions. Palpation for movement, muscle atrophy, and pain will be done of all axial and appendicular joints and recorded. You and your trainer will receive a report of the evaluation and comprehensive plan (to include physical therapy, chiropractic, or other methods) to assist you and your horse in reaching your optimal performance goals. Appointments are determined by your geographical location and every attempt is made to accommodate client schedules. In-hospital visits are also an option.