As your pets age, they may develop difficulties lying down or standing up, negative changes in attitude when they move certain ways, or they may lie down more frequently which could all be indications of mobility issues. We offer cutting-edge regenerative therapies for your canine and feline companions. In-depth diagnostics, treatments, and post-treatment rehabilitation are carefully combined to help your pet feel and move better.

My 13-year-old golden retriever is doing so well as a result of the Mobility Treatment he is receiving from the Colorado Equine and Small Animal Clinic!

As background, this past September my golden could not get up for his morning breakfast. And he couldn’t get up the rest of the day. He had lost muscle strength in his hind legs. I was so discouraged. I was able to get him to his local veterinarian in my town, followed by an examination by Dr. Barbara Page at the Colorado Equine and Small Animal Clinic in Littleton.

After reviewing the images of his spine, Dr. Page recommended a combination of laser and chiropractic treatments to deal with his misaligned spine and arthritis. For the next three weeks he had the Mobility Treatments from Dr. Page. And then we transitioned to once-a-month treatments. My golden has regained his mobility and has returned to being a very happy and active dog. I consider it a miracle! I can’t say enough about the Mobility Treatments he receives from Colorado Equine and Small Animal Clinic!
– J. Smith