Colorado Equine Clinic is proud to carry an equine mineral supplement that is specifically designed to support Colorado horses. Different formulas are available dependent on your horse’s diet. 

Why Cal’s?

Plants have unique nutritional contents because they absorb minerals from the soil in which they grow. By analyzing these plants used as forage as well as the soils it grows in, Cal Stout has developed mineral formulas categories to balance equine nutrition. His proven research shows that horses need MORE foundational minerals and vitamins than they typically receive, and he has balanced his formulas based on the vitamin and mineral deficits in each type of equine forage. These minerals and trace minerals aid in allowing your horses system to all work efficiently, thus allowing them to absorb their forage better and keep them in peak condition.

  • Ample quantities of minerals and vitamins to account for deficits
    • More than in any other product on market
    • Aids in horses system producing own vitamins
  • Minerals are balanced for type of forage fed (hay, alfalfa or mix)
  • Balanced minerals for maximum utilization
    • Each mineral reacts with other minerals either positively or negatively, thus the need for BALANCE to make for maximum effectiveness
    • Minerals are in water-soluble format for maximum absorption
    • Additional key minerals which are not present in other mineral supplements
  • Additional vitamins which are deficient in forage
  • Utilizes natural ingredients and flavorings
What these Balanced Minerals and Vitamins DO:
  • Increases activity of all cells in body
  • Improves all systems and parts of the body
  • Balanced hind gut activity promotes cleaner guts which are unsuitable for parasites
  • Also contains minerals and amino acids to promote bodies own production of vitamins
  • Visible improvement in hoof and hair growth within 30 days
  • Feeding microbial population bolsters the immune system
  • Increased focus, calm and performance
  • Improved joint support
  • Maximum flexibility of muscles
  • Decreases incidence of OCD
  • Better Stamina
  • Additional Lysine for foals and young horses