• Dr. Page is THE BEST equine vet for lameness issues and all issues. She is blessed with an excellent eye that sees subtleties that result in a correct diagnosis from the get go. Dr. Page keeps up with the latest and greatest in equine medicine and technology. She is adept at using diagnostic equipment to diagnose and treat correctly. Her results are amazing. Dr. Page has helped my mare by doing rectal ultrasound, (which not every vet can do) to diagnose SI joint issues, and PRP injections (she can do all regenerative medicine including PRP, stem cell, irap,etc.), which she does under ultrasound guidance to ensure she is injecting exactly where she should be injecting. She even blocks the skin when injecting for increased comfort for the horse. Dr. Page has also done wonders for my mare's metabolic syndrome by doing a nutritional analysis (which showed I was overdosing with supplements that were advertised to be so great) and providing us with a specific diet and supplement program (my mare has never since tested positive for metabolic syndrome for years now) which includes Cal's minerals. Most recently, Dr. Page fixed a front, superficial digital flexor tendinitis, (which a vet in another state could not fix beyond 80%), by doing laser treatment, 2x/day for 3 days in a row. At her Colorado Equine Clinic, Dr. Page built a totally flat concrete pad for evaluating lameness more accurately. She listens to the sounds of the hooves on the concrete for an even more accurate diagnosis. I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Page. She is the very best equine vet out there. I feel blessed to have found her and I am so grateful to her. She is a wonderful vet and a wonderful person. She even has certifications as a farrier!!! In addition, Dr. Page's staff and Dr. Baer are all top notch, excellent!

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    Tia F.
  • Dr Page. I am sending a picture of this paint mare to jog your memory. Her name is Flash and you saved her life by detecting her broad ligament was damaged due to her extremely large foal she had. You recommend we take her to CSU when she was 7 or 8 to have exploratory tests and the tests were correct and her ovaries where removed. Yesterday....I won my very first buckle EVER on Flash! She is now 25 years old and she gives me her whole heart (and then some) everyday. I get to show in the open 4-H shows along side my daughter Aspen with her horse Houdini. You saved her old bay horses life 3 summer ago when he had a double impaction colic. Houdini is now 30 by the way. I just turned 50 and I believe I'm capturing every blessed moment I can. So with that please just let say again...thank you for the gift God gave you and for the courage to say yes to the challenges this career can bring.

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    Kari E.
  • Alejandro, my 11 year old Spanish PRE had been having intermittent issues with moving comfortably forward on the bit and bending to the right for over 2 years. After making several saddle changes and several lameness checks , we still had a problem and no solution. In January, 2018 my dressage trainer, Frances Carbonnel said she wouldn't take any more of my money for lessons because she something was very wrong physically with my horse. She recommended Dr. Page because she said that she would diagnose the whole horse, not just his symptom, and that is exactly what Dr. Page did. ​ I took him to Colorado Equine Clinic and had Dr. Page do a full exam. She diagnosed the problem in 30 minutes! She watched him move, checked for lameness, and found nothing there. She then palpated his back and found soreness. We took radiographs of his back and there it was!! ... Kissing spine between T15/T16, right where my "posterior" sits on his back! We did a series of laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments and now I have an amazing horse who enjoys me and his work! Dr. Page has also been able to make some terrific adjustments to my horse's head and jaw that have made him so much more comfortable. We do occasional maintenance adjustments now to keep him happy and healthy! Dr Page's compassionate understanding of the WHOLE horse is a wonderful gift to her patients. Her blended approach of the latest scientific research with outstanding expertise in alternative modalities makes her uniquely qualified to see beyond the obvious. I am grateful to have found such a wonderful veterinarian and person!

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    Jan A.